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American Dream Home Group

Founded in 2017, American Dream Home Group is distinguished from other real estate companies because we are a united team of many diversified members, from: subcontractors, professionals, to loyal investors. Everyday, everyone contributes knowledge and expertise to our company at a highly-effective pace. ​

Carrying the statement of alliance, transparency and fairness, American Dream Home Group has evidently increased the size from 4.5 million dollar to 120 million dollar worth of projects. That accomplishment would be impossible if we just walk by ourselves.

Indeed, American Dream Home Group is more than just your ordinary real estate company. We will help our clients find potential real estate opportunities that fit clients’ goals along with full project analysis. We are here to build a long term business relationship with you. We are here to build a real estate family. Thus, if we thrive, you will also thrive. "Together We Dream, We Build, We Grow."

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