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Our Builder

TP Home is proud of being American Dream Home Group's exclusive builder. 

​TP Home is originally founded by Mr. Vinh Vuong in 2016. Mr. Vuong has been participating in construction field for total more than 15 years. Starting out as a humble masonry at the beginning, Mr.Vuong successfully progressed himself to remodel old homes, then built new constructions. Later on, he started to professionalize in the division of developing lands as well as acquiring lands. 


With a vision of expanding bigger, with a dream of growing together, and with a passion to be one of top builders in Washington State, Mr. Vuong has made TP Home from a small company to a strong construction company, consisting of more than 50 loyal subcontractors as well as 13 full time employees. 

​Contemporary/modern style, first off priority, and top notch building quality are the features that TP Home wants to convey to our customers. ​Every journey always has its difficulties. However, TP Home will overcome all and strive for the best. Our mission is: to be the builder of every project in Washington state. 

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