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American Dream Home Group is pleased to offer its Newest Modern Luxury Home Projects in the Greater Pacific Northwest.

American Dream Home Group offers a variety of investment opportunities in the Real Estate market. We had about 4.5 million worth of projects in 2017. After 3 years in business, we have accumulated up to 120 million worth of projects on going. At today's market in Washington, Real Estate is one of the best investment options that you can make. Some of our projects had over 200% return rate in approximately 2 years rather than S&P stock market, which yields average about 7% return rate per year. American Dream Home Group has over 10 years of experience from building custom homes to remodeling homes.

If you decide to invest with American Dream Home Group, you will be able to acquire all the wholesale off-market deals. Thus, you will no longer need to bid on homes in this hot market. Another advantage American Dream Home Group offers is that you can put any flexible investment funds due to our partnership business model. Our goal is: to utilize all the investors' funds, to find the right projects for everyone, and to make the best reasonable profits for all our clients.

We provide a full range of profitable investment services for our clients: Finding Real Estate Projects, Funding/ Loan, Construction/ Build, and Property Management. 

With more than 15 promising projects on going, we are confident that we can provide assistance in finding the right project or the ideal Dream Home.

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