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American Dream Home Group is pleased to offer its Newest Modern Luxury Home Projects in the Greater Pacific Northwest USA.

American Dream Home Group offers a variety of investment opportunities in the Washington Real Estate market. We started out with around 4.5 million USD worth of projects in 2017. After 5 years in business, we have gradually accumulated up to 136 million USD worth of projects. At today's market in Washington, Real Estate is one of the best investment options that you can make. Some of our projects reach 70% rate of return in approximately 2 years (35% per year) - better than - the S&P stock market, which yields average around 7% - 10% rate of return per year.

If you decide to invest with American Dream Home Group, you will be able to access many wholesale off-market land deals. Thus, one will no longer need to bid or outlook for projects with many other competitive developers. Next, another advantage American Dream Home Group offers is: that you can put any flexible investment amounts (preferably 500K USD or more) based on our creative joint venture partnership business model. The starting capital money will be not a huge barrier since we will invest along side with your clients. Our goal is: utilize all the investors' funds combined with our funds, then find/acquire/analyze the right project(s) tailored to each individual investor's needs, and make the most optimized profits for all of us.

American Dream Home Group provides a wide range of services, such as: Finding Real Estate Project Deals, Funding Projects with our networked banks, Developing Projects with our GC TP HOME, and Selling/Listing finished residential homes with our chosen/well-known realtors in WA.

Having a portfolio of 10 projects on going right now, we are confident that we can provide assistance in finding the right project or the ideal Dream Home for your beloved customers.

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